Fokis Ft. RP & Lynks “Choices I’ve Made”

Fokis “A Walk Thru Myspace Vol. 2” is a compilation style album that features various artist’s and producers that Fokis met on Myspace and collaborated with. It’s Hosted by DJ & Radio personality DJ Chonz from KS 107.5 in Denver Colorado. In the spirit of compilations and collaborations, there is also a BONUS CD with exclusive new music from various artist’s. To Download just open up the Digital Booklet and click on “The Bonus CD” image. The Bonus CD also features music by Fokis, NYOIL, Crosby ft. Homeboy Sandman & More.

Here is another leak from that project in video form, “Choices I’ve Made” and the inspiration for the track is discussed by Fokis “Choices I’ve Made” is a song anyone can relate to. We all make choices in life, some bad, some good; but at the end of the day what matters most is if we gained or lost from these choices?”

Smokey Robotic “Forever My Love”

Two weeks after releasing the music video for “Outside the Lines (Uptown)”, Smokey Robotic is back with the world premiere of the “Forever My Love” music video, the second single off the upcoming Outside the Lines EP. The video was produced by Pier Pictures with directors T.S. Pfeffer & Robert McHugh and art director Rudie Schaefer.

For two weeks, we are giving away the new single mix of “Forever My Love” at for the price of only a Tweet or a Facebook share. You can also purchase the mp3 of the new mix for $0.99 or the lossless for $1.49 at or