XXX Tentacion – Gone But not Forgotten


On June 18, 2018, Once i woke up that day, and looked at my phone, i was alarmed… i was sum what in disbelief, and shock.  The Hip Hop game, the depressed fans, the world… lost an Artist by the name of XXX Tentacion. He was brutally gunned down in Deerfield Beach, FL . He just finished shopping for a motorcycle. He was in his BMW i8, leaving, and 2 gunman pulled up on him, and open fire.

Reports of him being shot and not having a pulse, ( TMZ ) started circulating, and soon after, a video appears of his lifeless body, sitting in his car..  Now, the moment of silence.

XXX Tentacion

At this point, all there is left to do is wait. Wait for more reports, wait for DJ Akademiks to confirm. And then, it was confirmed. XXX is now pronounced dead. This is a kid who was facing many legal troubles, including beating up his then pregnant girlfriend.

XXXTentacion Smoking

Still with him being in and out of jail, getting backlash for it.. Still his music surged thru all the bullshit. His song “Look at me”, with that eire intro, and distorted sound, brought him to his chart topping fame. This kid was strictly organic and had a colt following. Hit number 1 on US billboard 200 and even on Canadian Billboard..This year he also celebrated hitting a billion streams for his album “?”. 1.5M fans on twitter.. 10M on Instagram.


I must admit, the first time i heard this song, i said… They recorded it… It’s peaking….  but i was fully unaware i was at the discovery of a “New Wave”.  Although it had a run, it wasnt too much of run for that sound, thank GOD! I dont know how much more my headphone could take.


He was doing alot of charity events and giving to the lesser fortunate kids in the neighborhoods. On the day of his death he put on his Instagram he wanted to do another event.


This is far from my generation, but he was making a change in his personal life and showing it to the world, and for that i respect him. He just dropped a song called “Sad” that has been doing very well. He was only 20 years old, i believe he had so much more ahead of him.

XXX Tentacion

They police are looking for suspects but theres alot of speculation around who? Who had the balls to go and kill this young black man.. XXX has been attacked several times over the last 2 years. Even on camera, on stage, while he was performing.

XXX Tentacion Knocked out

Yes that guy got the brakes beat out of him, you can only imagine. I mean, anyone can get knocked out like that. This guy ran from who knows where, and sucker punched X. So no love lost there. And still he continued to win. He had issue with Rob stone, even Drake…


It’s still very early in the case to point fingers. But you do know, in the day and age of the internet, just as reckless as these kids are to shoot and die young, they have a tendency to “Dry Snitch” on themselves. Details say the shooter had a red mask.. And as the investigation digs deeper, we find some kids trolling , and posting images with very scary clues.. lol.. This guy is called Soldier Kidd..

Soldier Kidd XXX Tentacion

The most widely circulated rumor, however, is that rapper Soldier Kidd murdered XXXTentacion. Here’s why.


1. He had a video of a gun the same day in a nearby location on his Instagram story

Before the shooting, Soldier Kidd posted a Boomerang video to his Instagram story showing that he had food from Hook Fish and Chicken, an eatery whose location, according to Google Maps, happens to be in Deerfield Beach, Florida — the same city where XXXTentacion was shot. Next to Kidd’s platter of food is a gun. Yea , he did that…

2. The Photo.

The first image you see with the red car…

3. People think he confessed on Twitter

xxx2 (1)

I mean we cant even make this shit up.. You see what i mean.. by the trolling, and the dry snithcing? ok.

Then he goes on instragram talking about he didnt do anything. I mean, this is just ridiculous at this point.

XXXTentacion The BEAT 103.5

So as you can see this will be very messy. All we can hope is that justice is served. Although he was messy himself, and had his issues, no one has the right to take someone elses life like that, in broad daylight. Alot of his fans are going crazy and are mourning his death. His streaming has gone up over 20% daily since then.. Yes this is the part where they dont send you the flowers while you can smell them.  But still, he had MILLIONS of loyal fans. And he loved to account of each and every one of them.


He surely had a death wish, and tried to off himself several times..Toward his end, he wanted to help all the kids that looked up to him. He knew that he had a responsibility with them. So then he started cleaning up. So he was getting on the right path to stabilize his life and career.

XXXTentacion In Crowd

He will be missed, and this post will be updated as soon as the information comes. I found a great video interview with him and DJ Akademiks where he was in his own space and you get alot of insight on how he used to think and what he was going thru. You almost wish he didn’t want that motorcycle, or wish he stayed home that day.


He recently got a Tattoo on his face, of a clock, and captioned it online, “Time is valuable, Do not Waste it” right over his Loyalty tattoo.


And this is so true.. Make sure you make the most of your time. He didnt have his fathers support… His mom kicked him out the house, and he still manage to survive and surpass his peers. For this, he is and will be a staple on this new generation.


RIP XXX Tentacion – January 23, 1998 – June 18, 2018


JAY-Z – The Story of O.J. (4:44)

This joint, i had to post, just because, i am a huge fan of Art. Jay-Z has brought Animation, Bars, and Meaning on a crazy NO ID record..  Jay-Z is just on such a level at this point, it seems like he cant loose.. He def turned Lemons, in to Lemonade, and for this, i have to give him the respect he deserves.. I know, he was one of the same guys that he speaks of on this record. Buying out bars, cars, and hoes… But Jay-Z quickly matured, and so did his money.. but guess what… Still Nigga. Real nigga Salute. Enjoy #100 #WassupFred



FredStar ft Skyboi Fresh in “So Appalled” Studio Performace

FredStar is Back with another Visual For “So appalled of that “Worth The Wait” Mixtape vOL.2. Next after that its gona be “Set In Stone” album. World get ready for FredStar and the Capsquad. Shout to M-Duce Vision and OMP Music making this happen. Share this People, and Get used to this guy. Peace.