Fitbit Inspire 3

Health & Fitness Tracker.

Stress Management, Workout Intensity, Sleep Tracking, 24/7 Heart Rate and more, Midnight Zen/Black One Size (S & L Bands Included)

The Fitbit Inspire 3 and it might just
be the best overall Fitness tracker ever
made that most people probably won’t buy.
It’s a reasonably priced Fitness tracker
that doesn’t come with as many smart
features as some higher end Fitbit
models like the Versa 4 or the sense too
but it’s still like capable all-around
performer and comes with good battery
life a bright screen and enough Fitness
tracking capabilities to really nail the
basics it’s an impressive watch that’s
available for a good price, but how does
it compare to the previous model or
other fitness trackers?

Well let’s find out. It comes with a
Sleek rounded design that can easily be
removed from the band entirely or
attached to third-party bands though
alternate bands and clips are sold
separately.. It’s available in a wide
range of unique colors so you can easily
find a variant that matches your
personal style. A stunning built-in
display to view your important
information but I’ll talk more about
that in just a few moments. Like the
previous model it comes with two haptic
buttons on either side of the tracker to
navigate the interface and help keep the
watch lightweight enough to wear over
extended periods. Even more it
offers up to 50 meters of water
resistance which makes it a solid choice
for water sports enthusiasts. In contrast
to the Fitbit Inspire 2 it features a
stunning AmoLED display that lets you
view important Fitness metrics in real
time. The screen is smaller
than some other competitors in this
range but the display comes with a solid
124 by 206p resolution that can
consistently deliver a crisp legible and
colorful image even in bright direct
sunlight. I also like that it comes in
always on functionality so you can
conveniently check the time at a glance
as needed although, this feature tends to
drain the battery significantly faster.
It doesn’t quite deliver class leading
battery life but it still comes with a
78 milliamp per hour battery that can
reliably deliver up to 10 days of usage
on a single charge which is solid for
the price and should be adequate for
most users.

I also like that it allows
you to customize the schedule for
always-on functionality so you can
optimize battery life as needed and has
a built-in ambient light sensor that
automatically adjusts the brightness
based on your lightning environment to
conserve additional power. Like most
other Fitbits, the Inspire 3 comes with
several useful built-in sensors and
comprehensive fitness tracking
capabilities. It allows you to load up to
six different exercise shortcuts onto
the watch for convenience and you get 21
different sports profiles to accurately
track your preferred activities.

It doesn’t offer a built-in
electrocardiogram scanner but it can
accurately track Basic Fitness metrics
such as your steps calories burned
distance traveled and your heart rate
throughout the day along with more
in-depth insights such as your oxygen
saturation or oxygen levels to help
reduce your recovery time. Even more you
get sleep tracking with insights into
the quality all-day stress tracking with
management advice and a free six month
subscription for Fitbit premium, though
you will have to pay to access these
metrics after the trial. It also offers
activity reminders to keep you active in
automatic tracking for common activities
like walking or running but it lacks
built-in GPS to track your outdoor
activities. In addition you get a daily
readiness score that monitors your
energy levels to help optimize your
workout performance. A smart wake feature
that’s enabled during the lightest stage
of sleep guided breathing exercises in
an active Zone minutes score to view how
active you are. It doesn’t come with
Advanced Smartwatch features such as
onboard music storage or NFC support for
contactless payments but it’s primarily
designed to be an unobtrusive Fitness
tracker and you still get built-in
smartphone notification support. It also
comes with a useful companion app that’s
easy to navigate which is ideal for
entry-level users and allows you to
track more in-depth information such as
your menstrual cycle hydration data or
connect with other Fitbit users by the
community tab. All Things Considered here
the Fitbit Inspire 3 isn’t the most
advanced Smartwatch on the market but
it’s a solid option that offers
impressive all-around performance and
battery life for the price has a
stunning AmoLED display that
consistently produces a crisp image a
lightweight and slim design that’s
comfortable to wear and has solid number
of Fitness tracking features. So it’s not
difficult to see why it’s been getting
so much hype lately. It
stands in a weird place in the market
it’s not quite as good as the charge 5
which is only about 20 dollars more with
a similar overall package and it doesn’t
have the Smartwatch features to compete
with other watches so it’s kind of a
weird in-between and I think a lot of
customers will Overlook it despite it
being a pretty great overall product for
what it does.

I think this is an excellent option if you want an
inexpensive Fitness tracker that can
accurately provide some insights into
your health but that’s just my opinion
let me know your guys opinions in the

You can purchase one here from Amazon.

Source: The Product Lab

Sound ID Reference for Speakers & Headphones (mix in peace)

Welcome, when it comes to mixing audio, chances are that you want to get the absolute best out of your studio. Well congratulations because Sound ID reference might just be the thing you’re looking for. First things first you’ve probably noticed that every pair of speakers or headphones have their own specific sound this so-called sound coloration as we call it in the biz.

It’s one of the main reasons why each of us has our own favorite speakers or headphones,. but if you’re a creator you want to be able to make your mixes translate to your audience without the sound of coloration getting in your way and that’s where sound id reference comes in Sound ID reference is a speaker and headphone calibration software delivering consistently accurate studio.

Reference sound on all speakers and headphones that means it effectively eliminates all sounds coloration by setting the frequency response of your speakers and head to be completely flat across all audible frequencies so you can trust that every mix will translate. So how exactly does it work? The software includes an ever-growing list of presets for hundreds of headphone models so you just have to find your model from the drop down list on the sound id reference app or in the plugin of your favorite DAW, easy right? However if you want an even more accurate sound calibration you can either purchase an individually calibrated pair of headphones or send your current pair to them for creating a custom made calibration profile for your pair of headphones, now that’s amazing.

Besides ensuring a neutral sound Sound ID reference has plenty of other useful features as well such as custom target which allows you to make custom adjustments to the target curve in real time, there’s also mix check which helps you simulate your mix on a plethora of devices such as laptop speakers, car speakers, earphone buds, and mixcubes for instance.

Sound ID reference by sonarworks this is a very unique product that combines a measurement microphone with some very Powerful software that can calibrate and control the sound of any pair of speakers or headphones when you open the microphone you’ll find a pamphlet of software installation instructions to activate your computer the sound id reference app runs seamlessly in the background behind your favorite daw or any app that you use to create music.

There’s two primary uses for sonar works Sound ID reference ,the first is correcting your headphones and the Second is correcting your studio monitors. You can explore a world of headphone profiles from just about any company you can think of.

I heard a huge difference in every pair of headphones. Sound id reference really helped them all sound flat with the same even frequency response. This is really important because you can produce record and mix with no extra hype in your headphones resulting in mixes that will Seamlessly translate through any device so this is my favorite way to use sound id reference.

What i heard was a much tighter frequency response it felt like a new pair of speakers and it took me a while to get used to but when i turn it off it became harder to hear the details and balance of my mix no matter what speakers or headphones you use sound id reference will be an essential part of your mixing toolkit having full confidence in what you’re hearing is the first most important step.

In making decisions in your production and your mixing if you want to say goodbye to sound coloration in your headphones or studio monitors, this is a huge step in the right direction.

You can pick up this awesome bundle right on Amazon

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Happy Mixing.

Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor – Know your air, Works with Alexa– A Certified for Humans Device

Amazon Smart Air Quality Sensor

Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor doesn’t have a microphone or a speaker to sound an alarm, and Alexa isn’t built in. For voice control, alerts, and full Routines support use any Echo device (sold separately) or the Alexa mobile app.

This device is an air quality monitor capable of registering carbon monoxide (CO) levels. It is not a substitute for a carbon monoxide alarm, and is not certified as a CO alarm or detector. This device does not measure Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or Radon.

Alexa App Integration

Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor measures 5 important factors of air quality: particulate matter (PM 2.5), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide (CO), humidity, and temperature.

This is a great addition to your smart home whether everyone is in good health or no so good. The power of knowing is having more control.

You can pick one up here. On Amazon.

Antelope Audio Discrete 4

Desktop 4×10 Thunderbolt 2 & USB 2.0 audio interface for Mac/Windows with 4 discrete preamps and 37 real-time plugins included.

It’s here, the Discrete 4 Synergy Core from Antelope. A quite small and mobile friendly audio interface but with some heavy guns inside. Should you buy one for your studio? Well let’s find out. So let me get this out of the way first. Why did I buy the Discrete 4 Synergy Core? The main reason I got it is it’s small factor. This is so small and you can carry it with you very easily. So in this review we will focus on the mobility of the device

Antelope Discrete 4

. Let’s begin with I/O. It has 4 analog inputs both with XLR and balanced Jack. All of the inputs can be switched from mic inputs to line inputs, but the 2 front inputs can also switch to Instrument inputs, much like a DI so you can connect an electric guitar or a bass for example. Now things get interesting with the outputs. You get a pair of monitor outputs for your speakers. The cool thing with those outputs is that you can control the volume without the need of an external studio monitor controller. You also get 4 extra line outputs for any kind of routing your audio.

And finally let’s get to the headphones section. You can have up to 4 individual mixes with the 4 stereo headphone outputs. That is mind blowing for such a small unit. And here is something interesting: The headphones amps are sooo loud you can easily drive 600 Ohm Headphones! I love that!

So what about digital connections? There is ADAT input and output so you can have an extra 8 channels of input and output. Of course there are also SPDIF connections, very nice to have those. And as a bonus you have not one, but two WordClock outputs. This is extremely useful when connecting different convertors and you want them to be perfectly in sync.

So is it any good? Let’s see some of the key features: The mic preamps are Class A and are super clean because of the Discrete transistor design. The convertors are the best in it’s price range with a fantastic dynamic range. You still get amazing low latency even when connecting with USB, even though it gets even Lower with Thunderbolt connection. Thunderbolt drivers are available both for Mac OS and Windows users. Sampling rates can go as high as 192kHz. So this little unit may look small but don’t let the size fool you. It is built like a tank, it is quite heavy and feels expensive. You can control most of the parameters from the front panel but if you want to make use of it’s internal mixer you can do amazing stuff with the software that comes with. There are 37(maybe more) Plugins that come included. This is really useful and appreciated because we can make good use of the DSP power , Save your computer a ton of processing power and record through the plugins which amazing at this price point.

If your ready to level up, coming from say a scarelet or a motu.. This is a great upgrade

You can pick one up on Amazon Prime at 27% discount right now. Here’s a link

Enjoy .

SAMSUNG T7 1TB, Portable SSD 29% off

World’s #1 Flash Memory Brand
SSD with strong durability & blazing fast transfer speeds

Today we’re going to be talking about the Samsung T7 ssd so let’s get straight into it. The T7 is the successor to the T5 and the smaller sibling of the T7 touch. The main difference between the two being that one has a fingerprint scanner and the other doesn’t.

In the box you’ll get the ssd of course and two sets of cables with the instruction manual. Now what i like about the two sets of cables is one of them is a usb-a to usb-c and the other one is a usb-c to usbc if you’re like me and you own a 2016 macbook pro or later well you know which cable we’re going to be using, that’s the usb-c to usb-c, Last but not least is the quick start Guide just in case you happen to get lost.

Okay so immediately the first thing that i noticed upon taking this out of the box was how small and compact this thing is it’s about the size of a credit card and it also happens to weigh practically nothing but don’t let that fool you this thing is durable. It’s quite a thin drive much thinner than a hard disk or even the T5. This drive is a usb 3.1 gen 2 drive and it uses the usbc standard of connections. Now my main disk prior to this was a WD one terabyte hard disk, it got the job done but it was extremely slow and i’ll show you in a speed test later. The Samsung ssd use’s a USB-C port and the hard drive from WD uses a usb micro b port and obviously the size difference between the two is very apparent.

Like i mentioned before since i use a macbook pro this usb-c to usb-c port is a blessing in disguise, no longer will i have to carry around the dongle with me when i need to get my work done. When you plug it in for the first time you’ll be prompted to install samsung’s ssd management software. Personally i don’t want any security on the drive so i’m going to leave security Mode off, basically all this will tell you if you have the samsung T7 or the T5 is how much space you have left. Also, when you eject the drive you’ll get a small red flashing light telling you that the drive has been ejected.

Now let’s get to speed tests we’re going to be using the disk speed test app from blackmagic design you can get in the app store, if you want to try It on your own drive. The usb 2.0 hard disk’s performance is terrible and now if we compared to the usb 3.0 drive, the 3.0 drive is just a little faster and i can vouch for it because i play some games off the hard disk and they’re okay, it’s not too bad. Try to edit anything more than 1080p and you’ll run into big slowdowns. The T7 has a transfer speed of up to 1050 megabytes per second. If you’re doing transfers that only last a little while you’ll get a sustained drive speed but once the drive starts to get a little hot, well, samsung has tried their best to put forth a thermal solution for such a small ssd.

After using it for more than two and a half hours to edit a video, i noticed that the drive speeds aren’t exactly 1050 mb per second, they’ve dropped. Now you might be wondering why the speed has dropped, well that’s because the ssd is thermal throttling to make sure that it doesn’t cross a certain threshold of heat after a certain point you don’t want your data to get damaged. I’m really happy to see that the drive is sustaining the speed even after long periods of usage.

Now just for fun i thought i’d compare against the internal ssd on my MacBook pro and there’s no comparison, i mean obviously it’s an internal drive but it’s crazy to see how fast the internal ssd is on the MacBook. The Samsung T7 comes in three different colors. Indigo blue, Titan gray and Metallic red.

I went for titan gray because i thought it would match The awesome look of the space gray of my MacBook pro. The main question is should you buy this ssd? If you’re a creative professional, you edit photos and videos and maybe you play a lot of games well this is the ssd for you and since there’s no moving parts inside if you accidentally drop this there is not much to worry about. SSDs are significantly more expensive than hard disks so only if you need the Fast speeds or even just a compact way of moving your files, go for one of these. You can pick them up at discounted prices on both Amazon! After having used it for the past few days, i have to say this is well worth it !

You can pick it up today with 29% off on Amazon <—Link


Source : Parikv99

XXX Tentacion – Gone But not Forgotten


On June 18, 2018, Once i woke up that day, and looked at my phone, i was alarmed… i was sum what in disbelief, and shock.  The Hip Hop game, the depressed fans, the world… lost an Artist by the name of XXX Tentacion. He was brutally gunned down in Deerfield Beach, FL . He just finished shopping for a motorcycle. He was in his BMW i8, leaving, and 2 gunman pulled up on him, and open fire.

Reports of him being shot and not having a pulse, ( TMZ ) started circulating, and soon after, a video appears of his lifeless body, sitting in his car..  Now, the moment of silence.

XXX Tentacion

At this point, all there is left to do is wait. Wait for more reports, wait for DJ Akademiks to confirm. And then, it was confirmed. XXX is now pronounced dead. This is a kid who was facing many legal troubles, including beating up his then pregnant girlfriend.

XXXTentacion Smoking

Still with him being in and out of jail, getting backlash for it.. Still his music surged thru all the bullshit. His song “Look at me”, with that eire intro, and distorted sound, brought him to his chart topping fame. This kid was strictly organic and had a colt following. Hit number 1 on US billboard 200 and even on Canadian Billboard..This year he also celebrated hitting a billion streams for his album “?”. 1.5M fans on twitter.. 10M on Instagram.


I must admit, the first time i heard this song, i said… They recorded it… It’s peaking….  but i was fully unaware i was at the discovery of a “New Wave”.  Although it had a run, it wasnt too much of run for that sound, thank GOD! I dont know how much more my headphone could take.


He was doing alot of charity events and giving to the lesser fortunate kids in the neighborhoods. On the day of his death he put on his Instagram he wanted to do another event.


This is far from my generation, but he was making a change in his personal life and showing it to the world, and for that i respect him. He just dropped a song called “Sad” that has been doing very well. He was only 20 years old, i believe he had so much more ahead of him.

XXX Tentacion

They police are looking for suspects but theres alot of speculation around who? Who had the balls to go and kill this young black man.. XXX has been attacked several times over the last 2 years. Even on camera, on stage, while he was performing.

XXX Tentacion Knocked out

Yes that guy got the brakes beat out of him, you can only imagine. I mean, anyone can get knocked out like that. This guy ran from who knows where, and sucker punched X. So no love lost there. And still he continued to win. He had issue with Rob stone, even Drake…


It’s still very early in the case to point fingers. But you do know, in the day and age of the internet, just as reckless as these kids are to shoot and die young, they have a tendency to “Dry Snitch” on themselves. Details say the shooter had a red mask.. And as the investigation digs deeper, we find some kids trolling , and posting images with very scary clues.. lol.. This guy is called Soldier Kidd..

Soldier Kidd XXX Tentacion

The most widely circulated rumor, however, is that rapper Soldier Kidd murdered XXXTentacion. Here’s why.


1. He had a video of a gun the same day in a nearby location on his Instagram story

Before the shooting, Soldier Kidd posted a Boomerang video to his Instagram story showing that he had food from Hook Fish and Chicken, an eatery whose location, according to Google Maps, happens to be in Deerfield Beach, Florida — the same city where XXXTentacion was shot. Next to Kidd’s platter of food is a gun. Yea , he did that…

2. The Photo.

The first image you see with the red car…

3. People think he confessed on Twitter

xxx2 (1)

I mean we cant even make this shit up.. You see what i mean.. by the trolling, and the dry snithcing? ok.

Then he goes on instragram talking about he didnt do anything. I mean, this is just ridiculous at this point.

XXXTentacion The BEAT 103.5

So as you can see this will be very messy. All we can hope is that justice is served. Although he was messy himself, and had his issues, no one has the right to take someone elses life like that, in broad daylight. Alot of his fans are going crazy and are mourning his death. His streaming has gone up over 20% daily since then.. Yes this is the part where they dont send you the flowers while you can smell them.  But still, he had MILLIONS of loyal fans. And he loved to account of each and every one of them.


He surely had a death wish, and tried to off himself several times..Toward his end, he wanted to help all the kids that looked up to him. He knew that he had a responsibility with them. So then he started cleaning up. So he was getting on the right path to stabilize his life and career.

XXXTentacion In Crowd

He will be missed, and this post will be updated as soon as the information comes. I found a great video interview with him and DJ Akademiks where he was in his own space and you get alot of insight on how he used to think and what he was going thru. You almost wish he didn’t want that motorcycle, or wish he stayed home that day.


He recently got a Tattoo on his face, of a clock, and captioned it online, “Time is valuable, Do not Waste it” right over his Loyalty tattoo.


And this is so true.. Make sure you make the most of your time. He didnt have his fathers support… His mom kicked him out the house, and he still manage to survive and surpass his peers. For this, he is and will be a staple on this new generation.


RIP XXX Tentacion – January 23, 1998 – June 18, 2018


#Pusha T and #Drake Battle?

You know, you gotta appreciate when the talent comes out of these guys in this sport we call Rap! There are different styles, different demeanors , different views. Pusha T has always been a Fav for me, as his verses are always colorful and vivid since “Lord Willin” Even after his brother left him on stage with the mic cord in hand…  Pusha T still prevailed and proved that he will NOT be Finished.. I also have been a Drake fan since i first saw his mixtape on Datpiff.. and listened to it… and said to myself.. this is going to be Huge.  So somehow down the path.. We bump heads in 2018. In case you needed to catch up… ( StreetFighter Voice)  FIGHT!!


Pusha T



I’m waiting for round 3.






New Music: Pongo Rulay – FredStar ft Alix D (Formally Alex D)

Secrect release with a debut artist called Alex D.

Pongo Rulay Cover Final

Fredstar has been MIA the last few months, but apparently he has been in the kitchen cooking up.. He pops up with a secret release with a debut artist called Alix D. They have the Dominican Republic Fueling their machine with this energized dembow party record. The song originates from the Dominican Slang “Rulay” which is translated to “Chilling” or “Relaxed” or “Having a good time”. This record is still unreleased but is currently playing in the clubs and he gearing up for major promotion for the summer.. Do we hear an album coming? Since this is a different route for Fredstar as he seems to be tapping into his Latin Roots. Take a listen and be sure to share it with your friends and family if you enjoyed it. Should be hitting Spotify, Itunes, and all that good stuff.. We’ll keep an eye out for more from FredStar and Alix D. Enjoy.

Here’s a Youtube link.

@WuTangClan – People Say ft. Redman

One thing i will say, at this point,  RedMan needs to be recruited to the Wu officially… #Jersey we still here… Offing niggas heads like papayas… Rip ODB. Never forgotten. Thanks RZA… Meth wuddup.. Shalla Raeqwon, Salute the Masta Killa… Missed hearing your voice on these records… Ima Fan since the 36. #100


That Hood Go Bang record is INSANE… Wutang shit forreal… Salute.