#Pusha T and #Drake Battle?

You know, you gotta appreciate when the talent comes out of these guys in this sport we call Rap! There are different styles, different demeanors , different views. Pusha T has always been a Fav for me, as his verses are always colorful and vivid since “Lord Willin” Even after his brother left him on stage with the mic cord in hand…  Pusha T still prevailed and proved that he will NOT be Finished.. I also have been a Drake fan since i first saw his mixtape on Datpiff.. and listened to it… and said to myself.. this is going to be Huge.  So somehow down the path.. We bump heads in 2018. In case you needed to catch up… ( StreetFighter Voice)  FIGHT!!


Pusha T



I’m waiting for round 3.






New Music: Pongo Rulay – FredStar ft Alex D

Secrect release with a debut artist called Alex D.

Pongo Rulay Cover Final

Fredstar has been mia the last few months, but apparently he has been in the kitchen cooking up.. He pops up with a secrect release with a debut artist called Alex D. They have the Dominican Republic Fueling their machine with this energized dembow party record. The song originates from the Dominican Slang “Rulay” which is translated to “Chilling” or “Relaxed” or “Having a good time”. This record is still unreleased but is currently playing in the clubs and he gearing up for major promotion for the summer.. Do we hear an album coming? Since this is a different route for Fredstar as he seems to be tapping into his Latin Roots. Take a listen and be sure to share it with your friends and family if you enjoyed it. Should be hitting Spotify, Itunes, and all that good stuff.. We’ll keep an eye out for more from FredStar and Alex D. Enjoy.

Here’s a Youtube link.

@WuTangClan – People Say ft. Redman

One thing i will say, at this point,  RedMan needs to be recruited to the Wu officially… #Jersey we still here… Offing niggas heads like papayas… Rip ODB. Never forgotten. Thanks RZA… Meth wuddup.. Shalla Raeqwon, Salute the Masta Killa… Missed hearing your voice on these records… Ima Fan since the 36. #100


That Hood Go Bang record is INSANE… Wutang shit forreal… Salute.






Swagg Luciano – High & Low ‘EP’

This year has been a interesting one… And with Summer 17 upon us..  It bring a new EP from Swagg Luciano.. Known for his versatility, Singing, Raping, even producing… This “High & Low” is so well put together it’s scary. Mellow out… and be ready to reminisce on your current or past life experiences accompanied by Angelic melodies… You be the judge.. Tell’em WassupFred sent you. Out.


JAY-Z – The Story of O.J. (4:44)

This joint, i had to post, just because, i am a huge fan of Art. Jay-Z has brought Animation, Bars, and Meaning on a crazy NO ID record..  Jay-Z is just on such a level at this point, it seems like he cant loose.. He def turned Lemons, in to Lemonade, and for this, i have to give him the respect he deserves.. I know, he was one of the same guys that he speaks of on this record. Buying out bars, cars, and hoes… But Jay-Z quickly matured, and so did his money.. but guess what… Still Nigga. Real nigga Salute. Enjoy #100 #WassupFred



J.I.D – Never (Music Video) @JIDsv

Bumped into this guy on Shade 45.. His flow caught my attention

Bumped into this guy on Shade 45.. His flow caught my attention… and the best was knockin in my whip.. Then came this flip on the song with this crazy ass beat as he switch up the flow. Even the video is dam creative… So i looked him up, and found him.. he’s grindin.. Check him out.. Tell’em WassupFred sent you! #100