SAMSUNG T7 1TB, Portable SSD 29% off

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Today we’re going to be talking about the Samsung T7 ssd so let’s get straight into it. The T7 is the successor to the T5 and the smaller sibling of the T7 touch. The main difference between the two being that one has a fingerprint scanner and the other doesn’t.

In the box you’ll get the ssd of course and two sets of cables with the instruction manual. Now what i like about the two sets of cables is one of them is a usb-a to usb-c and the other one is a usb-c to usbc if you’re like me and you own a 2016 macbook pro or later well you know which cable we’re going to be using, that’s the usb-c to usb-c, Last but not least is the quick start Guide just in case you happen to get lost.

Okay so immediately the first thing that i noticed upon taking this out of the box was how small and compact this thing is it’s about the size of a credit card and it also happens to weigh practically nothing but don’t let that fool you this thing is durable. It’s quite a thin drive much thinner than a hard disk or even the T5. This drive is a usb 3.1 gen 2 drive and it uses the usbc standard of connections. Now my main disk prior to this was a WD one terabyte hard disk, it got the job done but it was extremely slow and i’ll show you in a speed test later. The Samsung ssd use’s a USB-C port and the hard drive from WD uses a usb micro b port and obviously the size difference between the two is very apparent.

Like i mentioned before since i use a macbook pro this usb-c to usb-c port is a blessing in disguise, no longer will i have to carry around the dongle with me when i need to get my work done. When you plug it in for the first time you’ll be prompted to install samsung’s ssd management software. Personally i don’t want any security on the drive so i’m going to leave security Mode off, basically all this will tell you if you have the samsung T7 or the T5 is how much space you have left. Also, when you eject the drive you’ll get a small red flashing light telling you that the drive has been ejected.

Now let’s get to speed tests we’re going to be using the disk speed test app from blackmagic design you can get in the app store, if you want to try It on your own drive. The usb 2.0 hard disk’s performance is terrible and now if we compared to the usb 3.0 drive, the 3.0 drive is just a little faster and i can vouch for it because i play some games off the hard disk and they’re okay, it’s not too bad. Try to edit anything more than 1080p and you’ll run into big slowdowns. The T7 has a transfer speed of up to 1050 megabytes per second. If you’re doing transfers that only last a little while you’ll get a sustained drive speed but once the drive starts to get a little hot, well, samsung has tried their best to put forth a thermal solution for such a small ssd.

After using it for more than two and a half hours to edit a video, i noticed that the drive speeds aren’t exactly 1050 mb per second, they’ve dropped. Now you might be wondering why the speed has dropped, well that’s because the ssd is thermal throttling to make sure that it doesn’t cross a certain threshold of heat after a certain point you don’t want your data to get damaged. I’m really happy to see that the drive is sustaining the speed even after long periods of usage.

Now just for fun i thought i’d compare against the internal ssd on my MacBook pro and there’s no comparison, i mean obviously it’s an internal drive but it’s crazy to see how fast the internal ssd is on the MacBook. The Samsung T7 comes in three different colors. Indigo blue, Titan gray and Metallic red.

I went for titan gray because i thought it would match The awesome look of the space gray of my MacBook pro. The main question is should you buy this ssd? If you’re a creative professional, you edit photos and videos and maybe you play a lot of games well this is the ssd for you and since there’s no moving parts inside if you accidentally drop this there is not much to worry about. SSDs are significantly more expensive than hard disks so only if you need the Fast speeds or even just a compact way of moving your files, go for one of these. You can pick them up at discounted prices on both Amazon! After having used it for the past few days, i have to say this is well worth it !

You can pick it up today with 29% off on Amazon <—Link


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