Fitbit Inspire 3

Health & Fitness Tracker.

Stress Management, Workout Intensity, Sleep Tracking, 24/7 Heart Rate and more, Midnight Zen/Black One Size (S & L Bands Included)

The Fitbit Inspire 3 and it might just
be the best overall Fitness tracker ever
made that most people probably won’t buy.
It’s a reasonably priced Fitness tracker
that doesn’t come with as many smart
features as some higher end Fitbit
models like the Versa 4 or the sense too
but it’s still like capable all-around
performer and comes with good battery
life a bright screen and enough Fitness
tracking capabilities to really nail the
basics it’s an impressive watch that’s
available for a good price, but how does
it compare to the previous model or
other fitness trackers?

Well let’s find out. It comes with a
Sleek rounded design that can easily be
removed from the band entirely or
attached to third-party bands though
alternate bands and clips are sold
separately.. It’s available in a wide
range of unique colors so you can easily
find a variant that matches your
personal style. A stunning built-in
display to view your important
information but I’ll talk more about
that in just a few moments. Like the
previous model it comes with two haptic
buttons on either side of the tracker to
navigate the interface and help keep the
watch lightweight enough to wear over
extended periods. Even more it
offers up to 50 meters of water
resistance which makes it a solid choice
for water sports enthusiasts. In contrast
to the Fitbit Inspire 2 it features a
stunning AmoLED display that lets you
view important Fitness metrics in real
time. The screen is smaller
than some other competitors in this
range but the display comes with a solid
124 by 206p resolution that can
consistently deliver a crisp legible and
colorful image even in bright direct
sunlight. I also like that it comes in
always on functionality so you can
conveniently check the time at a glance
as needed although, this feature tends to
drain the battery significantly faster.
It doesn’t quite deliver class leading
battery life but it still comes with a
78 milliamp per hour battery that can
reliably deliver up to 10 days of usage
on a single charge which is solid for
the price and should be adequate for
most users.

I also like that it allows
you to customize the schedule for
always-on functionality so you can
optimize battery life as needed and has
a built-in ambient light sensor that
automatically adjusts the brightness
based on your lightning environment to
conserve additional power. Like most
other Fitbits, the Inspire 3 comes with
several useful built-in sensors and
comprehensive fitness tracking
capabilities. It allows you to load up to
six different exercise shortcuts onto
the watch for convenience and you get 21
different sports profiles to accurately
track your preferred activities.

It doesn’t offer a built-in
electrocardiogram scanner but it can
accurately track Basic Fitness metrics
such as your steps calories burned
distance traveled and your heart rate
throughout the day along with more
in-depth insights such as your oxygen
saturation or oxygen levels to help
reduce your recovery time. Even more you
get sleep tracking with insights into
the quality all-day stress tracking with
management advice and a free six month
subscription for Fitbit premium, though
you will have to pay to access these
metrics after the trial. It also offers
activity reminders to keep you active in
automatic tracking for common activities
like walking or running but it lacks
built-in GPS to track your outdoor
activities. In addition you get a daily
readiness score that monitors your
energy levels to help optimize your
workout performance. A smart wake feature
that’s enabled during the lightest stage
of sleep guided breathing exercises in
an active Zone minutes score to view how
active you are. It doesn’t come with
Advanced Smartwatch features such as
onboard music storage or NFC support for
contactless payments but it’s primarily
designed to be an unobtrusive Fitness
tracker and you still get built-in
smartphone notification support. It also
comes with a useful companion app that’s
easy to navigate which is ideal for
entry-level users and allows you to
track more in-depth information such as
your menstrual cycle hydration data or
connect with other Fitbit users by the
community tab. All Things Considered here
the Fitbit Inspire 3 isn’t the most
advanced Smartwatch on the market but
it’s a solid option that offers
impressive all-around performance and
battery life for the price has a
stunning AmoLED display that
consistently produces a crisp image a
lightweight and slim design that’s
comfortable to wear and has solid number
of Fitness tracking features. So it’s not
difficult to see why it’s been getting
so much hype lately. It
stands in a weird place in the market
it’s not quite as good as the charge 5
which is only about 20 dollars more with
a similar overall package and it doesn’t
have the Smartwatch features to compete
with other watches so it’s kind of a
weird in-between and I think a lot of
customers will Overlook it despite it
being a pretty great overall product for
what it does.

I think this is an excellent option if you want an
inexpensive Fitness tracker that can
accurately provide some insights into
your health but that’s just my opinion
let me know your guys opinions in the

You can purchase one here from Amazon.

Source: The Product Lab

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