#Pusha T and #Drake Battle?

You know, you gotta appreciate when the talent comes out of these guys in this sport we call Rap! There are different styles, different demeanors , different views. Pusha T has always been a Fav for me, as his verses are always colorful and vivid since “Lord Willin” Even after his brother left him on stage with the mic cord in hand…  Pusha T still prevailed and proved that he will NOT be Finished.. I also have been a Drake fan since i first saw his mixtape on Datpiff.. and listened to it… and said to myself.. this is going to be Huge.  So somehow down the path.. We bump heads in 2018. In case you needed to catch up… ( StreetFighter Voice)  FIGHT!!


Pusha T



I’m waiting for round 3.






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